• Stephen Eichhorn
    Stay With Me (Drape), 2021
    Collage on acrylic coated panel
    60 x 48 inches

EXPO Chicago

April 7—10, 2022

Please join us at BOOTH 129 for the 2022 edition of EXPO Chicago at Navy Pier from April 7 to 10, 2022.

Whitney Bedford
Stephen Eichhorn
Brendan Getz
Hilma’s Ghost
Andrew Holmquist
Anne Lindberg

Carrie Secrist Gallery is pleased to present a curated selection of all new works by gallery artists, most of which created specifically for the 2022 edition of EXPO Chicago. This consecutive series of immersive installations gather formal and conceptual ideas around nature and color – presenting them in concert with each other.


April 7 – 10 at EXPO Chicago

Tarot card readings by Art Witch: Sarah Potter will be offering tarot card readers in conjunction with artwork by Hilma’s Ghost (Dannielle Tegeder and Sharmistha Ray). The artwork itself is made via Potter’s readings. Please see addendum below.

Tarot card decks in their 2nd edition, designed by Hilma’s Ghost will be available for purchase at EXPO Chicago ($100 USD).

In 2021, Sharmistha Ray and Dannielle Tegeder created ABSTRACT FUTURES TAROT, an original limited edition tarot deck, for which they drew together for over 400 hours to create the 78 cards for it. In each new project since, they have imagined new ways to expand upon the tarot’s hidden meanings to make new work. This new suite of 8 drawings for EXPO Chicago emerges from their collaborative practice of drawing through ritual and tarot to address some of life’s major themes. Drawing upon the transformational meanings of the tarot the duo have created work that relate to love, money, happiness, stability, new opportunities, new beginnings, and so forth. 

In their divinatory process, they worked with Sarah Potter, a professional witch and tarot reader, to pull a set of 4-6 cards from their tarot deck for each drawing. These cards were then read by Potter, who channeled their meanings below. Hilma’s Ghost used the drawn cards and meanings to create the new work in this suite, adapting further ritual processes like sigils into the drawings to activate their divine purpose.