December 5, 2020

ONLY CONNECT Webinar | Megan Greene + Thalia Agosto


Megan Greene and Thalia Agosto
Saturday, December 5
Event LINK

Please join us for a conversation between Megan Greene and Thalia Agosto on the occasion of Carrie Secrist Gallery’s exhibition Only Connect. This virtual event, third in our series of webinars with pairings of artists in the exhibition, features mid-career artist Megan Greene and emerging artist Thalia Agosto. Agosto, currently pursuing her degree at Columbia College, Chicago was a former high school student of Greene’s at the Chicago High School for the Arts.

This conversational re-connection between Greene and Agosto offers a unique opportunity to hear a conversation revolve around drawing as medium, studio practice mentality, image sourcing and failure/experimentation – all while specifically relating to the dynamic of teacher/student and the praxis of the emerging vs. mid-career artist.


Megan Greene (b. Buffalo, NY, currently resides in Chicago, IL) graduated with a BFA from the University of Notre Dame and with an MFA in visual art from Rutgers University. She is represented by Regards in Chicago. She has been teaching in the visual arts department at the Chicago High School for the Arts for ten years.

Thalia Agosto (b. and currently resides in Chicago, IL) is currently in the Fine Arts program at Columbia College, Chicago. In my work, I’m interested in depicting the intimacy that I have with the people in my drawings. I immerse myself in the stories of others and reflect on my own life and personal narrative. I’m always curious about the people around me, and how they change throughout their lives. This is why my current series reflects the belief that other peoples’ stories are just as important as your own. The specific focus within these works is on the process of mental and emotional change over a period of time. 

To view the online viewing room for Only Connect which includes work by Megan Greene and Thalia Agosto, please click here.