• ZIP, 2017
    Acrylic on canvas
    33 x 55 inches (80 x 140 cm)

Shannon Finley: UNTITLED Miami 2017

December 6—10, 2017

Please join us at UNTITLED Miami 2017 for a solo presentation of Shannon Finley. Booth E9.

Shannon Finley’s new body of paintings represents an extension of his ongoing investigation of the inherent romanticism that lurks – often hidden – within the realm of science and technology. Utilizing abstract painting as a means of executing this investigation, these geometric rhombi create a dialectic that is equal parts analytical and alchemical. The paintings themselves are developed with layers upon layers of acrylic and medium that present a surface that is ripe for interpretation. The results are prismatic 2-dimensional structures that appear to distribute light through an interlocking combination of color and form revealing a dynamic interplay between illusion and reality.

For a preview of the work, please view our checklist.