• Anne Lindberg
    notations 03, 2014
    Graphite and colored pencil on mat board
    34 x 59 inches

Material Art Fair 2015

February 5—8, 2015

Carrie Secrist Gallery (Booth #D3) presents a two-person exhibit by Anne Lindberg and Paul Anthony Smith.

New drawings by Anne Lindberg engage her research into the color black, its undertones fluctuating blue, umber, or grey. Her conceptual practice rooted in seriality, Lindberg activates the poetic connection between hues of black and dark chromatic blacks. Lindberg uses graphite as a means to cover and nullify two-dimensional space, controlling contrast space with peaks of white. The effect of the many clustered dark lines that make up the final pattern of the image functions like a textile, a fragile circumstance built from commonplace materials.

Like Lindberg, Paul Anthony Smith engages labor-intensive processes, leaving the physical imprints of the body in the work. Smith exhibits manipulated photographs, created with his picotage technique. Using a mechanical tool, Smith repetitiously picks away the top layer of a photograph in a precise, exhaustive pattern. Raised paper flecks raze the surface of each print, creating a pattern of optical effects. Viewed from either oblique angle, right or left, the faces in the portraits emerge or dissolve.