Lady Rollins: Losing the Gloves

March 31, 2012

Carrie Secrist Gallery is pleased to announce Losing the Gloves, a performance by Lady Rollins on Saturday, March 31 from 2-4 PM.

Visitors are encouraged to wander in and out of Lady Rollins’ loosely organized piece comprising improvised music, video screening, and intermittent reading and singing.

Working separately as musicians, writers, video artists, and archivists, Jess Speer, Peter Speer, Caroline Picard, and Devin King bring these inclinations together as Lady Rollins. Working loosely from friendly conversations about current interests — anything from recording technologies to suburban shamanism to Rihanna– each performance uses text, sound, and found video clips to continue those conversations.

Lady Rollins’ Losing the Gloves will coincide with the closing of (No) Vacancy, a survey exhibition at Carrie Secrist Gallery that contemplates the nature of holes, voids and loss. Likewise the experiential, site-specific performance will utilize sound and image as complementary tools to address themes of dissonance, decadence and decay.

Artists participating in (No) Vacancy are Lauren Anderson, Vincent Como, Antonia Contro, Alex Gartelmann & Jonas Sebura, Angelo Musco, Joel Ross, Jamisen Ogg, Javier Piñón, Liliana Porter, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Paul Anthony Smith, and Dietrich Wegner.