• Work by Antonia Contro for Legends Altered: Maps as Method and Medium

Legends Altered: Maps as Method and Medium

November 30, 2007—January 5, 2008

Legends Altered: Maps as Method and Medium featuring Jennifer Bartlett, Antonia Contro + Joseph E. Merideth, Iva Gueorguieva, Yvonne Jacquette, Joyce Kozloff, Nelson Leirner, Dorothy Napangardi, Grayson Perry, Laura Owns, Ed Ruscha, Dread Scott, and David Wojnarowicz

This exhibition presents a survey of work by contemporary artists who employ the map as a formal or conceptual starting point. In these interpretive geographies, the artist’s personal point – or position – of – view defines the longitude and latitude of new territories, be they physical, metaphorical or psychological. If these works do not orient us in actual space, they certainly provoke impressions of place or experience. Like the cartographer, these artists order, design, measure, annotate and imagine routes through the physical and metaphysical universe, heightening our collective consciousness to the world around us along the way.