• Mu Cephei2017
    Gouache, ink, colored pencil, graphite, pastel on Fabriano Murillo paper
    39.5 x 55 inches (41.5 x 57 inches, framed)

Current Exhibition


May 20—July 1, 2017

Carrie Secrist Gallery is pleased to present TURBULENT CONSTELLATIONS, our first solo exhibition with gallery artist Dannielle Tegeder.

Dannielle Tegeder’s newest body of work expands on her ever-evolving exploration of the systems that surround us. This exhibition presents a monumental mobile, an installation of over 70 works on paper, a series of large-scale drawings, video animation and sound. As a full body of work, oriented within the gallery space to encourage exploration and interpretation, the integration of formal concepts such as architecture and urban planning manifest through abstraction.

Encompassing the language of painting in the expanded field, Dannielle Tegeder’s artwork reconstitutes what painting means as a formal exercise in mark making by allocating particular strategies to the medium of drawing. The notion of “Drawing” then becomes delineated by introducing installation methods that further disrupt media-specific hierarchies: drawing to sculpture to installation to video to sound and back to drawing. Expanding and contracting these constructs, with the idea of drawing as a baseline, emboldens the interconnectedness between line, shape and color. Thus: drawing as sculpture as installation as video as sound.

The visual systems alluded to in TURBULENT CONSTELLATIONS can be interpreted as any number of things: mechanical diagrams, maps, blueprints or microbiological imprints. What they all share is the concept of closed and open systems. The closed systems here are the individual components (lines, shapes, color), representing a singular designated function. When these interrelated entities are combined, that function becomes a whole, or an open system, influencing its surroundings and forming a function within the environment in which they live. It is within this open system that the personal iconography of Tegeder’s transfiguration is revealed.

An Evening of Abstraction & Sound: Discussion and Performance with Composer Matthew Evan Taylor

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 4PM at Carrie Secrist Gallery

Composer and saxophonist Matthew Evan Taylor will present a site-specific performance in collaboration with Dannielle Tegeder on the occasion of TURBULENT CONSTELLATIONS. Taylor and Tegeder will also talk about their collaboration, this project and the history of sound and abstraction. This event will be free and open to the public.

For this project, Taylor will create a 30-second audio piece specific to each of the 70+ elements in Tegeder’s drawing installation. Each drawing, or element, acts as a score that Taylor will create and record an audio piece for. Each week throughout the duration of the exhibition, he’ll create 10-15 new scores to be added to the cosmology of sounds, culminating in a complete library of sound by the final week of the exhibition. The audio will be played in the gallery space along with a screen that will exhibit each drawing as it’s being played.