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  1. Hello. I’ve looked into various pieces in your gallery in the past. I’m still interested in works by Anne Lindbergh. Do you have any free passes to Expo? I could use a few.
    Thank you,
    –Paul Sternlieb

  2. Hi Carrie,

    We met through Melody Faircloth during Basel. Do you have any small pieces left to sell by Danielle Tegeder? I would like to purchase one and am not picky about which.

    Please let me know – thank you!

  3. Hello,

    I hope you are doing well. I’m reaching out on behalf of Benjamin Godsill to see if you might be able to send a preview of works that you will be bringing to Dallas. We will be in town for the fair but would love to have some images and details beforehand to see if anything might be right for our clients.

    Thank you,


  4. Hello Carrie,

    Hope you’re having a great summer! I’m writing to see if I could please chat with you about ArtReach, a social new venture that seeks to mobilize art inventories by leasing artworks to offices and commercial spaces. We think this will be a new outreach/marketing channel and revenue stream for museums/galleries/artists/private collectors while businesses will gain in employee and client engagement and boosts in branding. Our current plan is to look for corporations who would be interested in art loans from museums/galleries/artists/private collectors and to run a pilot or two in the fall, maybe with the help of grants.

    I’d love to speak with you specifically because we’d like to see if you’d be interested in being part of our pilot. Amanda Mayo and I both volunteer at the MoCP and she recommended that I get in touch with you; so did Natasha Egan. If interested, let me know when you have time to grab coffee/drinks in the next couple weeks.

    All best,

    Jasmine Kwong
    Epley Lab Manager / Field Research Coordinator / MBA Candidate, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    Co-Creator, The Seminary Co-op Documentary Project; Author, “If You Weren’t Looking For It”
    Vice President, Museum Council, Museum of Contemporary Photography
    Member, Young Professionals Board, Kids In Danger

  5. Hello,
    I sent a series of drawings to Carrie by her request about a year ago. I am requesting their return please, if I could be contacted regarding please.
    They can be mailed to

    Julie Schenkelberg
    662 Grandville Ave SW
    Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

    Thank You,

  6. Hello Bertrand,
    I’ll have a class of 20 DePaul undergrads in the west loop on Thursday. I’d like to bring them in to see the gallery in the late afternoon. Please let me know if this works on your end.



  7. Dear Carrie Secrist Gallery,
    I am inquiring to learn how you select artists for exhibition? If you are open to meeting with me, I welcome the opportunity to visit your space and bring some works of interest. I have a wide range of work from large/small scale painting, printmaking and drawing to small ceramic sculpture. I teach painting and drawing at SAIC as well. I am drawn to the way your gallery presents artists both individually and in group shows, exhibiting works that are both personal and strikingly different from the way many of the other Chicago spaces approach curating local artists. I also run a gallery (www.thearthouse.us) and would be interested in collaborating with a nulti-space or traveling exhibition. We are partnering with a grassroots nonprofit, S.H.E. Gallery, in December to curate a large group show in Bridgeport.
    Hoping there is some interest on your end to meet in the near future and learn more about one another! Thanks for reading. Kindly, Rebecca George

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